Founder of the School

The jewels which adorn, the stupendous legacy of the Head Mistress of HSHPS Bidar, Ms. Ruth Luke, are discipline truth, justice, Honesty, lane, determination, care and tenacity, which together paved the way to a awe-inspiring attainment. This great personality was born on the 13th July 1971 to Mr. Luke & Mrs. Sulochana in the district of Bidar.

She completes her entire education from Bidar. She was a great theist and had an unshaken faith in God. The precept “The fear of the LORD is the Beginning of Wisdom”. Had taken deep root within her heart; thereby perpetually beginning her chores with prayer. She made her dream come true by establishing School on 18th May 2000 at a young age of 29.

The School she scarified her all establish, imparts equality education imbibing ethics with the flavor of stern discipline. She strone like a servant and reigned like a queen. Her bright life span is saturated with achievement. It re-lives the proverb “Better to line like a tiger for one year than like a goat for 20 years. “She proved that women are not feeble but able; and the hands that rock the cradle can achieve great feats.

Her life span was curbed by sudden ailment which backed her demise & promoted her to glory in response to her home call on 20th Nov 2014. Her life that brimmed with prayers and education imparting skills will seen to light the torch of a bright and golden future for the coming generations.


The Vision of Holy Shepherd Higher Primary School is to promote the ideals represented by our motto. Connecting Community Home & School toward achieving a daily growth.

Holy Shepherd Higher Primary School is committed to Educated its students in a variety of engaging environments  so the that the students develop the skills, confidence, and determination regulated to excel in a global society.


The Mission Holy shepherd Higher Primary School is to connect academic and career based technical skills with the community to ensure collaborative interaction between both; toward a life – long learning and post – secondary


It is the belief of Holy Shepherd Higher Primary School that parents, teacher and community collaborate to provide a safe, secure and productive academic journey for all the students through quality instruction so as provide to the knowledge and skills to make informed decision and become productive citizens.


Faculty members act as facilitators, assisting students in acquiring the Communication and information access skill they need in order to function as productive citizens in an increasing technical world.

Students are taught to take risk prudently & solve issues creatively in a global Community. Achievement in these goals will help them to be socially & ethically responsible as adults.

The Faculty will help provide a broader knowledge base by exploring the interconnection between mathematics, Science & Humanities to enhance thinking skills. To foster this development, Higher Technology High School will offer opportunities for students to explore these connects and also access a wide range of subjects and interests.